Cas meets demon!Dean, and this is what I hope will happen
Dean: I was wondering when you would show up, angel.
Dean: No, you see, I knew Sammy would call you. Get me healed, whatever. 'cause, you know, it's /you/.
Dean: Aw, did I make you speechless? How cute. Seems like that crush you still haven't figured out won't help ya out, either.
Dean: 'Cause, spoiler alert, but no can-does. You're too late this time, big boy. No yanking me outta the hellfire. It's making me all warm and fuzzy and believe it or not, I actually like it.
Dean: 'sides, there's not much left of that holier-than-thou-bravado of yours, is it? All hat, no cattle.
Cas: *slams Dean into the chair with his bare hands*
Dean: *gives Cas the bedroom eyes and slack lips* Oh...
Cas: So help me god, Dean Winchester, angel or not, I will kick your ass.




 Demon!Dean SPN S10 : Reichenbach / Jack Torrance The Shining ◊  →  requested by anon


"Did you ever think we’d get here?" Castiel asks, casually walking his fingers up the center of Dean’s bare chest. 

"Where’s here?" Dean replies, voice still groggy with sleep and eyes squinted. He watches his husband’s fingers and smiles warmly at the simple affection. 

"Here. In this house, with me, two kids, paper mache hanging off the staircase, a dog at the foot of the bed." Castiel stares up at him through dense lashes. Dean glances at his lips and then back up, captivated by his intense, sapphire gaze even after all of these years. "Apple pie life, as your brother referred to it." They both smile.

"Not in a million years," Dean answers honestly. "Sometimes I think it’s all a dream, that I’m in some basement at the will of a Jinn or somethin’," he sighs and rolls onto his side with an exaggerated grunt and delicately cups Castiel’s face.

"But then there’s you. Not even a Jinn could fake you," Dean breaths, nudging his nose against Castiel’s and ghosting his lips against Cas’ smiling ones. 

Their tender moment is soon interrupted by two pairs of scampering footsteps followed by giggling, incoherent shrieks about breakfast and a couple of body slams from their five year old and toddler. 


Mark Pellegrino, Mark Sheppard and Misha Collins @ Supernatural 200th Episode Party


Misha Collins at the 200th episode party




Fire from a burning building being sucked into a tornado.


get out of there fireman what are you doing

there’s a tornado

I can’t stop laughing at this fireman

he’s just standing there going

“well darn, look at that.

fire tornado.



"Is that you could be great… if you could just be a normal person for two seconds."

"Tell me what you want. I’ll do anything I can to give it to you."



i just fucking wanted the one

I think I need to go to bed I’m crying over this. omg that’s funny